Wall Hung Drying Racks

Wall Hung Drying Racks

Dahl & Company started making our wall hung drying racks in 1980.... 

  • Dahl and Company hand made laundry drying rack holds a full load of wet laundry. $175.00

    With 22 linear feet of drying space, our large rack can hold a full load of laundry .

  • Mudroom outerwear hanger made in Maine. $175.00

    Been out in a snowstorm? A rack in the mudroom makes a great place for your outerwear to dry .

  • Poolside towel and wet bathing suit drying rack made by Dahl and Company. $175.00

    After a cool dip on a hot day, let your wet swimwear drip dry.

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  • Wooden rack for compact spaces hand made in Maine. $160.00

    Our small rack is lovely in compact spaces. Try one in your entry hall or guest bath.

  • Food safe kitchen dryer used for hanging flowers, herbs, or home made pasta. $160.00

    Unfinished and food safe, a rack in the kitchen is a handy tool for drying herbs or pasta.

  • Hand made, heirloom quality lingerie dryer by Dahl and Company. $160.00

    Hang our small rack in your bathroom for your delicate hand washables.

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Dahl & Company brings you our products from the great state of Maine, where woodworking is a long and strong tradition. Our wares are handmade, our craftsmanship second to none. We take pride in using locally sourced and environmentally friendly materials. You can be confident you're getting a fine product when you shop Dahl & Company.