Collection: Wall Hung Drying Racks

Dahl & Company started making our wall hung drying racks in 1980. For years we sold them through paper catalogs, but now we bring them directly to you! These days, we feel it is important to get our environmentally sound, locally sourced product out to as many people as possible.  It's our way of helping the planet AND your wallet.  Be green and save green by reducing (or eliminating!) use of your energy consuming clothes dryer.

Throughout the years, we've maintained the standards of quality you've come to expect from us, and even improved upon them. Today our racks are made from a combination of hard and soft woods, and put together with non-corrosive hardware.  Biscuited and joined for long lasting stability and a true profile, each one is built, sanded, and branded by hand. 

When you see the Dahl & Company logo, you know you're getting top quality materials and workmanship.

Wall Hung Drying Racks