Our Story

Dahl & Company was founded in 1980 when Jim Lynch, our proprietor, teamed up with his mother, Jessie Dahl, to wholesale handmade wooden housewares.  They named the company after Eva Dahl, the family matriarch and Jim's beloved grandmother.
One of their first, and most successful, products was the wall hung drying rack.  Jim came across one of these little known items at a barn sale at an old farmhouse in Northern Maine. He immediately realized what an impact it could make on the modern world!  How many people could benefit from a sustainably sourced clothes dryer that cost no money to run, and used no electricity or gas?
They put it into production.
Soon, and for years, the rack could be seen in catalogs such as Smith & Hawkins, Sundance, and Williams Sonoma (to name a few).  The environmentally conscious loved it!
Today, as our knowledge of the planet increases, more and more people worry about climate change and the cost of using depleted energy sources. That's why Dahl & Company has decided to come to you directly!
Nowadays the company is run by Jim and his partner of three decades, Shelley Smith. Through the miracle of the internet we can bring the rack to more households than ever before. Small businesses are the backbone of America and we're proud to be one of them.

 Jessie and Eva are no longer with us, but we like to think they are watching over us and are pleased that we've brought our beautiful and important products into the twenty-first century.